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Asset Based Lending

ABLSoft’s Radar software is a full-featured portfolio management solution for intelligent monitoring of your borrowing bases.

Radar is designed to let asset based lenders operate more efficiently with automated data collection tools, work smarter with sophisticated collateral analysis and monitoring tools, and improve customer service with Web-based access to the software as well as configurable rules and reports.


Radar provides all necessary functionality to manage collateral. This includes calculating client’s availability and ineligibles in real-time and tracking loan balances utilizing real-time data from the borrowing base. Other key features include interest and fees calculations, float day calculations based on business, calendar or other specified format, contras calculations from Accounts Payable reports, and participation loans. Radar supports multiple loan types including AR, inventory, cash collateral, equipment, and more.


This borrower portal provides many convenient features that improve operation efficiency for the lending organization while enhancing customer service for the borrower. Some of the key features include online advance requests, viewable check images searchable at the Debtor level, online borrowing base with real-time availability and ineligible updates, and a document manager for viewing, tagging and storing information, thus, eliminating the hassle of emailng and faxing.


Documents are stored in a central database where data will be instantly available for reports, business rules, ticklers, covenants, and more. Documents can be tagged, versioned, searched and viewed online.


System provides alerts for any exceptions found while monitoring collateral and other customer data. The exceptions are triggered by business rules defined in the system. We provide pre-built rules but can be configured to your business requirements. Alerts and ticklers can be sent via email, text message or a custom workflow can be designed.


Since getting data uploaded into the system is the first step for collateral monitoring, we include data collection automation tools to quickly and easily upload and process data. These tools are part of the core Radar offering, providing a seamless, intuitive user interface, and without any added costs. Tools include the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Uploader, Ineligible Calculator, and Financial Spreader. Borrowers can also install our plugins to popular accounting systems such as Quickbooks, Peachtree and Microsoft Great Plains to allow instant and direct uploading of agings and customer lists with one button click.


Radar contains a set of pre-built reports. A easy-to-use toolkit is also available to create customer reports and make them available directly from the Web.