Covenant Management & Financial Spreading Software For Banks - ABLSoft
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Covenant Management & Financial Spreading

ABLSoft’s Web-Based Financial Spreading tool virtually eliminates the need to manually spread financial statements.

The tool requires you to simply drag-and-drop information from the client document to the company financial model just one time. The system automatically remembers the mapping and subsequent documents of a similar type are automatically spread. The side-by-side document windows make it easy to visually check for accuracy of data. Finally, the documents are stored on the Document Manager for easy searching, versioning and tagging.

Automated Financial Uploading and Spreading

After a one-time mapping, the system remembers the mapping and will automatically upload and spread your financial statements.

Spreading Wizard

With a click of a button, years of historical financial data can be automatically mapped in a matter of hours.

Custom Financial Models

Use our standard financial models or create your own.

ABLSoft’s Web-Based Covenants Manager

is a powerful, yet flexible tool that allows you to monitor, create, and report on covenants.

The Covenant Designer enables you to create general financial and reporting covenants that can then be modified as needed at the borrower level. The rules engine is actively monitoring the covenants for their compliance status. If a covenant is out of compliance, the system will send out an alert following your designated workflow. There is also the option to override the compliance status for special circumstances.